Our Current Projects

A plan for access that involves creating a universal health care delivery system built on uniquely American ideals:  bipartisan, accountable, and equitable access without government intervention. 

Southside Renaissance


There in Southside

A unique approach to community redevelopment geared towards socioeconomic empowerment and healing in the Historic Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth, TX

Our latest project launched at creating equality and opportunity in our broken education finance system.

Our nation's first mental health business park specifically crafted to support mental health entrepreneurs as they innovate new approaches to wellbeing.


branding Black american culture (bBlac) ignites the entrepreneurial spirit of all American who value the cultural contributions of past, present, and future Americans of African diaspora.  Using vetted and culturally mindful Intellectual Property attorneys, bBlac directly tackles wealth and cultural disparity for people of color by advising them through the fields of patent, trademark, and media marketing.

A neighborhood initiative to restore pride and economic healing in a charming East Texan town.

Led by Sharby Hunt-Hart, MSW and Dr. Brian J. Dixon

Be North Lufkin Initiative